We’re all project managers



OK, I know we’re not all project managers by title or trade.

And I also know, that if I were to ask you, if you consider yourself to be a project manager, you’d probably say no.

But, I’d like to challenge your thinking.

  ........ Just a little.

Do you have a job where you interact with others?
Maybe you’re even part of a team?
Or maybe you have clients? 

Do you have a family?
Maybe kids?
And maybe some of your family members have activities they go to, or that you do together?

Or, are you maybe thinking of changing something in your surroundings?
Maybe redecorating a room, or renovating, or maybe even building new or moving?

Or do you have a dream of something you’d like to do?
Write a book, share your knowledge in a speech or an online course, or take a long trip? 

Then, my friend, you’re also a project manager.

  • In any team, you need to find the common goal and you need to be able to communicate and find ways to agree....
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Videotip: Visual Alphabet


The easiest way to get started on drawing, is to make it very VERY simple.

One way of doing that, is to use a visual alphabet.

Just like you would use letters to make words. 

You can use basic shapes to make simple icons.

A visual alphabet to make visual words.

It's not my invention, many great visual thinkers, and teachers, have used a form of a visual alphabet to build icos from.

Here are examples from four that I am very inspired from: 

You can find links to their websites at the bottom of this post.

My version

I use these as my visual alphabet.

From these basic shapes, it's easy to build simple icons.

And with these simple icons, it's simple to visualize a process.

In the video I go through the visual alphabet, building icons and visualizing a simple process - step by step.

Using drawing in a project context

In my free e-book 20 icons for projects, I use the visual alphabet to build 20 icons that can be useful in a project context, and explain how to use them.


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What is Visual Thinking?

Do you know how sometimes you just KNOW something?

It's so easy for you to understand.

But when you have to explain it, it's difficult for you to put into words.

That's how I feel about visual thinking.

It's so intuitive for me. 

I just know what it is.

But then, when I'm asked to explain, I have a hard time finding the right words.

This is my attempt to try and explain what Visual Thinking is.

First, I'll use someone else's words:

But ... what does that mean?

Visual Thinking = Thinking Visual = Make your thinking visual

Ok ... but visual HOW?

Get it out of your head, and make it tangible.

So you can see it, feel it, touch it, move it.

Here are a few examples: 

So, basically, it's not about what it is or how it looks - but that you get what you think out of your head and make it tangible.

Like having your thoughts in your hand.

That's it!

It is that simple.

So, when I combine visual thinking with project management, I use visuals as a tool to make project...

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Why am I passionate about project management?


Earlier this year I was given the challenge to make a short video explaining why I'm passionate about what I do.

And I actually had to think about it. 

But, once I got my thoughts together, it was easy.

So easy, that in my first try, I talked on for 10 minutes.

And that's NOT a short video.

I ended up with this video. It's unglossy, handheld, unedited (almost), and 100% me and my words. 

So, if you have 6 minutes, and are curious about WHY I'm working with visual project management - then watch it here. 

Do you want to do it yourself?

You can start for free!

If you haven't already downloaded my free e-book "How to draw 20 icons for projects", then do it now.

And follow it!

It's a step by step guide to start using simple drawings.

If you want more than that, then


You get immediate access to 5 mosules, released over 5 weeks, with 35 lessons, 33 videos, 30 tools to download and put into use straight away.

Read more and sign up here: Online...

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How to draw 20 icons for projects

I believe strongly that visuals can help get an overview, make fuzzy things tangible, and help us in our daily work.

This guide to drawing 20 icons for projects, is a part of my mission, to teach visual project management.

It's a simple guide, to show you just HOW EASY it it to start drawing, and integrate that, into your practice as a Project Manager.

A person is a person is a person....

The visuals don’t create meaning on their own – it’s not a rebus.

Text defines the context - the power lies in putting VISUALS & TEXT together.

The one above here could be: Man, Woman, Child, Team Member, Boss, Project Manager – or any kind of person.

Also, there isn't ONE way to visualise  something. It depends on the situation, the culture, the group, and the content.

For example GOAL:

Start today!

Sign up for my newsletter, and download my free e-book "How to draw 20 icons for projects", and you'll be ready to draw on your own projects in no time.


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