Hi! My name is
     Christina Hemmingsen,
     I'm The Visual Project Manager 

My passion is my purpose:


And to me, there’s no better way to engage people, than to SHOW what I mean, by VISUALIZING it, and INVITING them to join.
In Visual Project Management, the focus is on using tools and methods from visual thinking in combination with well proven tools and methods from project management, to create VISIBILITY, ENGAGEMENT & OWNERSHIP on all projects. And thereby increase the possibility for success.

I am based in Denmark, and have extensive experience as a Project Manager for more than 18 years. 
I have worked on significantly different types of projects, ranging from small events, web development and e-learning, to large-scale change projects with lots of stakeholders. This range of PM roles enables me to THINK with a PM mindset.


I developed this course hoping to make the PM’s job easier through a visual organizational lens.

Since 2012  I have used visual thinking in ALL of my projects, and have experienced the powerful effect is has had on my projects and all the people involved.

I teach both visual project management, introduction to graphic facilitation, as well as do live graphic recordings at corporate meetings and events.

How can using visual thinking help you create


When you get your project documents OUT of the computer, and UP on the wall, it becomes easier to show everyone on the project where you are, and what the goal is.


When you use facilitated processes and visual tools as support, then it becomes easier for you to involve and engage your project participants.



When you involve your project team and your most important stakeholders, it becomes easier to create real ownership from everyone involved. 

"You can feel Christina has solid practical experience"

Copenhagen live course, March 2019

Ways to learn from Christina

Online course

The Visual Project Manager, is an online course in 5 modules, released over 5 weeks.

You’ll learn how to use visual thinking in your Project Management practise, to create: visibility, engagement and ownership.

It launches fall 2019

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One to One Coaching

With the One-to-One Online Coaching, you get the opportunity to fully focus on YOUR projects and your challenges.

I'll use my extensive experience, to coach you and guide you forward in your Project Management practise, or help you with that one big issue you're facing right now.

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Live in Portland

I'm excited to be in Chicago, on October 9 & 10, giving my 2 day live workshop on Visual Project Management.

It's 2 days of high energy, lot's of sharing and learning new tools for your Project Management practise.

Join us!

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