I mix learning, project management, facilitation and visualization in the pursuit of creating meaning.

I focus on supporting customers and partners in THEIR process

- from small ideas to large projects, over large long strategy processes, to designing individual events, training employees, giving inspiring presentations or illustrating a specific product.

I'm curious by nature, and can hardly find a way to say 'no' - that's why I've done a lot of different things, and continue to enjoy saying 'yes' to the opportunities that present themselves.

My core competencies and the majority of the tasks I solve fall within the 4 categories:
Learning, Project Management, Facilitation and Visualization.


How to get in touch

The easiest way to contact me, is to write an email to: hello@christinahemmingsen.com

You are also welcome to call: +45 5352 1719

Feel free to connect on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinahemmingsen/