What is Visual Thinking?

Do you know how sometimes you just KNOW something?

It's so easy for you to understand.

But when you have to explain it, it's difficult for you to put into words.

That's how I feel about visual thinking.

It's so intuitive for me. 

I just know what it is.

But then, when I'm asked to explain, I have a hard time finding the right words.

This is my attempt to try and explain what Visual Thinking is.

First, I'll use someone else's words:

But ... what does that mean?

Visual Thinking = Thinking Visual = Make your thinking visual

Ok ... but visual HOW?

Get it out of your head, and make it tangible.

So you can see it, feel it, touch it, move it.

Here are a few examples: 

So, basically, it's not about what it is or how it looks - but that you get what you think out of your head and make it tangible.

Like having your thoughts in your hand.

That's it!

It is that simple.

So, when I combine visual thinking with project management, I use visuals as a tool to make project management more tangible. 

So that it gets easier to create a shared overview, engagement and ownership for everyone involved.

If you want to try it for yourself, then download my free e-book: How to draw 20 icons for projects

In it I show you just how easy it is to get started, and you can be drawing within an hour - promise!


If you want to know more about visual thinking, then I recommend that you watch this 30 minute video from Brandy Agerbeck, where she explains how she defines visual thinking. I really encourage you to watch the video, and get inspired by her passion. 

Or hop on over to her website, and get to know her better - She is a BIG inspiration to me.

If you're interested in Dave Gray and his visual thinking school - then hop over to his website and read more. 




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