Videotip: Visual Alphabet


The easiest way to get started on drawing, is to make it very VERY simple.

One way of doing that, is to use a visual alphabet.

Just like you would use letters to make words. 

You can use basic shapes to make simple icons.

A visual alphabet to make visual words.

It's not my invention, many great visual thinkers, and teachers, have used a form of a visual alphabet to build icos from.

Here are examples from four that I am very inspired from: 

You can find links to their websites at the bottom of this post.

My version

I use these as my visual alphabet.

From these basic shapes, it's easy to build simple icons.

And with these simple icons, it's simple to visualize a process.

In the video I go through the visual alphabet, building icons and visualizing a simple process - step by step.

Using drawing in a project context

In my free e-book 20 icons for projects, I use the visual alphabet to build 20 icons that can be useful in a project context, and explain how to use them.

You can get it by signing up to my newsletter.


Martin Haussmann: He is author of many great books for visual thinking, and is partner in Bikablo. Learn much more at their website.

Ed Emberly:  An American artist and illustrator, best known for children's picture books. Ed Emberlys Drawing Pages - A blog with Ed Emberly drawings. 

Mike Rohde: Founder of The Sketchnote Army, author, teacher, podcaster, and a passionate visual thinker. Find out much more at his website.

Dave Gray: Innovator, entrepreneur, visual thinker, and founder of the visual thinking company Xplane and Visual Thinking School.




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