Tip #2: Sticky notes



 We're still in the tools department. And this is one of my big passions: STICKY NOTES.

I know it sounds crazy to claim that I love sticky notes - but I just do!

 And here you have 5 reasons why:


Sticky notes are so easy to use. All you need is a pad of notes, something to write with, and somewhere to stick them. E.A.S.Y.


Sticky notes are super versatile. Move them around. Cluster. Move apart. remove. Ad new. The possibilities are many. They are easy to change. And all along the way you keep the big overview of the process.

And that's also reason number 3

They are amazing for creating an overview
I always start any process - ANY - with a braindump. I get everything I can think of in connection to the process, down on sticky notes - one thing per note - and then I can see what I have. 

And when I'm working with a group, it's the same. Get everything we know, as a collective, on sticky notes, and get a shared overview. You can see two examples down below.

And reason number 4 is in relation to working with groups.

Because if you work with different groups, and they each have to give input to a topic, then by giving each group a different colour, you can afterwards not only see which group gave what input, but it's also easy for the participants to see where they overlap or agree, and where they have different opinions. 

You can also use the size, form or placement of a sticky note as indication for a specific information. That's what I mean when I say they can hold information on their own.

 They can also contain a lot of information. In them. 
My reason number 5

This is an example of the amount of information you can have on ONE sticky note:

  • In the middle I have text. Both a title and explainatory tekst.
  • In the upper right corner, I have a "code" related to the project I'm working on. This example is from my production of videos for my online course. M1L1V1 = Module 1, Lesson 1, Video 1.
  • In the lower right corner, I have the 4 steps to producing a video, and I can fill in the box for each step, when it's finished.
  • In the lower left corner, I have put a red dot. This is to indicate that it has high priority.

This way of organizing a small piece of paper is very much inspired by Brandy Agerbeck from Loosetooth.com, and how she uses index cards. It is thoroughly explained in her book, The Idea Shapers, page 73 - 86.

Project Management with Sticky Notes

Here are 2 examples of how I use sticky notes in my own Project Management:

1. Here is the outline for my video about using sticky notes.  I have simply put each thing I wanted to talk about on a sticky note, and then created a sequence

2. Planning my website and my online course, is also done with sticky notes. I have this (BIG) piece of paper on the wall in my office, and here I have the full overview of both the website I have build in Kajabi, and the online course.
And as you can see, on some of the blue sticky notes, there's a lot of information: title, progress, red dot (to indicate priority), and a big green X to mark the ones finished. 

Doug Neill from Verbal to Visual has also made a Video, on Project Management with Sticky Notes. And it shows another brilliant Project Management tool, to keep track of your projects.  And since I AM in the business of producing content every week, I think I'll give this great tool a try. Thank you Doug :-)

Other inspiration

Sticky notes are also a canvas for art. On Instagram you can find many that uses stickynotes as their way of expressing art.  Look under the hasthtag  #stickynoteart. You can also search for sticky note art on Pinterest, and find lots of amazing examples. And if you want a more physical example, then find the book: Stickymonsters, by John Kenn Mortensen, or see a youtube video with some of his amazing drawings.


I use quite a lot of these, and of course you have to consider the amount of waste you produce. So, go for a recylced choice when you can, and always make sure that the ones you have used, get recycled.



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