Tip #3: To Do Lists


Do you use a To Do list?

I do. A lot. As I think most of us do.

I have tried many different ways of keeping a To Do list, and have found that there are 3 key things your To Do list has to meet:

1. It has to give you an overview. It doesn't matter if the lst is just for you, or if it's for your entire team, it needs to be easy for everyone to see the tasks, who it belongs to, and when they need to be done.  

2. It has to support your process. Where in your project are you? Does that impact the tasks? Maybe use stickynotes in different colours, if it's important to show what phase a task belongs to.

3. And it has to show your progress on the project. Sometimes you can get so overwhelmed with the amount of tasks on a project. Keep the tasks you have done, that's one way of showing progress.

 In this videotip I show 4 different examples of To Do lists. 

These are JUST 4 examples of lists that can help you and your keep track of all the tasks.  




Use these examples for inspiration for you to find the To Do list that serves you best.

More inspiration

I first heard of tangible to do lists in Brandy Agerbeck's talk from TedX Windy City 2013, I highly recommend spending the 16 minutes this video takes, where Brandy explains how you can Shape your thinking.

Another visual thinker that shares his tips and tricks is Doug Neill and his Verbal to Visual videos. He also touches the subject of a projects, and in this video he shares a specific tool for keeping track of your project progress.

A search for To Do Lists on Pinterest will also give you a lot of inspiration for how you can organize your to list.




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