Projects are always about people - Always!

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2020

Did you read my blogpost about Gene Kranz, and my excitement about the use of simple drawings in landing the lunar module on the moon in 1969?

As you may have discovered, I'm very passionate about the use of simple drawings to communicate. VERY. And I want to keep sharing just HOW SIMPLE it actually is to use drawings to make things visible, clear, and easier to create common understanding.

Projects are always about people

Now, you might think: "But my projects are all about optimizing processes", or "My projects are about producing components for industrial machines - has nothing to do with people"

When I say that projects are always about people, then it's because there are people in every aspect of the project.

  • Often the project gets started because someone wants something new or better = people.
  • Or someone comes up with a good idea = people.
  • Or you need a new IT system, so the workflow will be more up to date = people have to change how they currently work.
  • When you do your stakeholder analysis = people
  • When you do your risk analysis, the things that can go wrong are often centered around someone. Someone does something wrong. Someone leaves. Someone gets sick = People

And I could go on.

In my online course there's an entire module (of 5) that's about the people aspect of a project. 

So, integrating people in your drawings are crucial, because you can show WHO is involved, or WHO gets affected by the project, or WHO the target  group for the product is.

Drawing people is as easy as

An O and an upside down U

That's all. Seriously. You don't need any more.

This "person" can be anyone. You, someone on your team, your boss, the customer, a doctor, the president. Anyone. Just write who it is.

And if you WANT to add expressions or hair or clothes, then, that's super easy too.

Often a few lines are enough to make different people.

Do you want to learn how?

If you want to learn how you can use visual tools, or ‘just’ be inspired to grow your competencies as a project manager, or team leader, or consultant, then I have two options for you right now: 


I’m giving a one day introduction to visual project management, at a great venue in Amsterdam.

And since it’s on a Friday, it will be a GREAT opportunity to combine with a weekend trip, exploring this amazing city. 

Read more and sign up here: Amsterdam Workshop


If you can’t make it to Amsterdam, or just feel like taking things at your own pace, then you can sign up for my online course. You can start when you want, and do it at your own pace.

It has 5 modules that releases over 5 weeks.

Read more and sign up here: Online Course 

Thank you for your time!

All the best


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