How to draw 20 icons for projects

I believe strongly that visuals can help get an overview, make fuzzy things tangible, and help us in our daily work.

This guide to drawing 20 icons for projects, is a part of my mission, to teach visual project management.

It's a simple guide, to show you just HOW EASY it it to start drawing, and integrate that, into your practice as a Project Manager.

A person is a person is a person....

The visuals don’t create meaning on their own – it’s not a rebus.

Text defines the context - the power lies in putting VISUALS & TEXT together.

The one above here could be: Man, Woman, Child, Team Member, Boss, Project Manager – or any kind of person.

Also, there isn't ONE way to visualise  something. It depends on the situation, the culture, the group, and the content.

For example GOAL:

Start today!

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