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1 day introduction to
Visual Project Management 

Friday September 4 2020
9.00 - 16.00 

  • Do you work with projects - of any kind?
  • Would you like a different approach to getting an overview and creating project plans?

  • Could you use a tip or two on how to get your project team more engaged?

How can using visual thinking help you create


When you get your project documents OUT of the computer, and UP on the wall, it becomes easier to show everyone on the project where you are, and what the goal is.


When you use facilitated processes and visual tools as support, then it becomes easier for you to involve and engage your project participants.



When you involve your project team and your most important stakeholders, it becomes easier to create real ownership from everyone involved. 

"You can feel Christina has solid practical experience"

Copenhagen live course, March 2019

What you will learn?

What is Visual Project Management?
How and why does it work? 

The 3 P model: Processes, People & Project Management
The 3 main pillars in all projects, and why it's important to keep in mind.

The visual project plan 
How can you create a visual overview for all?

Your role as Project Manager
What are your values, your strengths and maybe your weaknesses and how do you integrate this in your everyday work?

Your personal action plan
What are the next steps for you in your role as project manager?

And of course we'll be drawing throughout the day. 

What you will leave with?

  • Tips and tricks to planning and running projects
  • Visual templates with a step-by-step guide, that you can put to use right away 
  • Inspiration from peers
  • A lot of new inspiration for how you can use visual thinking on your projects

OK, I'd like to join

Who is it for?

You’re a skilled Project Manager:
Even if you’re a skilled Project Manager, this course is for you. We'll go through PM tools you already know, but you’ll use them in a new way. Or maybe you’ll see something you’ve done many times...but in a whole new perspective.

You’re new to Project Management:
You’ll get a chance to fill your toolbox with visual tools from the beginning of your PM journey, and work with the benefits of Visual Project Management. After the course, you’ll have the tools to facilitate processes in the projects, to create more visibility, involvement and ownership.

You’re a Manager for a team or department:
You’re not officially a Project Manager, but because of your role, you run projects – big and small – on a daily basis. You’re used to communicating with Project Managers, because they often need your staff. Or you’re part of projects, because of the skills you have. In this course, you’ll get introduced to some of the tools and processes of projects, and will be able to facilitate these processes afterwards, AND you’ll be a more active participant in future projects.

You’re a Consultant:
You’re used to facilitating different projects in your role as consultant – internal or external. You’d like to extend your toolbox to include how to facilitate processes within a project, to help create more visibility on the projects you are a part of.

You’re a Facilitator:
You’re used to facilitating processes, but would like to learn some tools used in projects, and why they work well. You’d like to include these tools in some of the processes you already facilitate.

"I experienced I had the knowledge of the techniques, but got new ideas of how to use them"

Copenhagen live course, March 2019

Do you want to join?

It takes place on Friday September 4, 2020 in Amsterdam, from 9.00 - 16.00.

The price is 475€ for the day.

This includes:

  • Morning snack
  • Lunch
  • Coffee & tea all day
  • Your own kit of supplies
  • A unique workbook, that I have created just for this course. It has all the templates we will go through, with step-by-step instructions.
  • A chance to spend a day with peers, asking questions and exchanging experiences
  • And you get me!
    With all my experience, my passion for visual project management and my energy

Yes please


The workshop takes place in the centre of Amsterdam, at

Mmousse Canal House

Krom Boomssloot 8hs
1011 GV Amsterdam


My name is Christina Hemmingsen, and I'mThe Visual Project Manager.

I take the tools and methods from visual thinking and mix it with project management.

The result?
Visibility, Engagement & Ownership on your projects.

I have more than 18 years of experience as a project manager and I have practiced visual project management for 7 of these.


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