Project Management


Visual Practitioners


  • Know about visual thinking (or ... at least you're not afraid of the thought of using visuals)
  • Are not afraid to pick up a marker (you don't need to be a visual vizard)
  • Have some experience with using visual tools (drawing, sticky notes, writing on a whiteboard, legos, playdoh etc.)


  • Are involved in projects - at your work or with clients
  • Are a solo entrepreneur and have projects of your own ... or are just trying to run your business 
  • Have projects at home you can't get a proper grab on


  • Wanna write a book
  • Wanna make an online course
  • Or, have another big dream


In 2 weeks, I'll give you some basic tools to defining and running projects - regardless of their shape or size.

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  • To get the basic knowledge and tools for running a project
  • To find out how your visual practice skills can help you in running projects
  • To get real help with the project or projects you are running - from peers and from me
  • To be ready to face 2021 head on, with an overview of your job or your business

Join this online course.

It's a mix of prerecorded videos, written assignments, visual templates and live online calls.

All you have to do is set aside a little time, make the assignments, and show up for the live calls.

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This is how it works:

2 weeks

5 emails

3 live sessions


You'll get an email, a video and visual templates and/or practise sheets in each email. 

You'll work on the assignments in each email. 

You can send me any questions you might have, and I'll cover them in the following Live session.

Email 1: Welcome - Pick your project

January 31st 2021
Welcome & Orientation.

Pick the project you want to work on throughout the course.

Email 2: Start your project smart

February 1st 2021
How to start any project in the best way, to optimize your chances for success.

Live session 1: Q&A + Tips & Tricks

February 3rd 2021 - 8-9 pm CET
A 1 hour live session where I'll ask questions to the the theme.

And I'll add more to the theme.

Email 3: Make a plan

February 5th 2021
How to break down your goal to a doable and actionable plan.

Live session 2: Q&A + Tips & Tricks

February 8 2021 - 8-9 PM CET
A 1 hour live session where I'll ask questions to the the theme.

And I'll add more to the theme.

Email 4: Get it done

February 10 2021
Follow your plan, make adjustments, get things done - and your project is a success!!! (noooooo - it's not that easy in real life, but we'll get around to that too).

Live Session 3: Q&A + Tips & Tricks

February 12 2021 - 8-9 PM CET
A 1 hour live session where I'll ask questions to the the theme.

And I'll add more to the theme.

Email 5: Bye for now

February 15 2021
Just a short follow up, and the last words from me, to send you on your way.

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Practical details

Beta course: This is a first run, a beta course, a test, call it what you want.... 
It might have a few rough edges, and I'd love all your feedback on that.
In return, you get it at a special low rate.

Testimonials: I will ask you for your testimonial afterwards, that I want to use in future marketing of the course. 

Dates: January 31st to February 15 2021

Timezone: I'm based in Copenhagen, Denmark. All times I will share, are in Central European Time (CET).

Price: First group, February 2021, regular price = €150

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